Bees for Development has generated a substantial and credible body of knowledge on sustainable beekeeping. Our direct engagement with beekeepers, practitioners and scientists through our network and research projects underpins this expertise. Our practical projects bring credibility to current theories and identify best practice.

We work hard to continually add to the evidence base for the role of bees in development and researching the merits and drawbacks of different approaches is therefore an important strand of our work. Research into, and evidence for, sustainable beekeeping practices is undertaken in partnership with academic institutions and NGOs.

Recent research projects

India - Bees, biodiversity and forest livelihoods in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve of the Western Ghats, India.

Publications and resources

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Bees for Development consulting

The depth and breadth of our expertise and experience makes us leaders in the provision of expert services in field of apiculture and development. Our experienced consultancy team provides high quality independent and professional consultancy services to UN organisations, governments, NGOs, aid agencies and the private sector.

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