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We 'train trainers' so beekeepers can access the skills and knowledge they need to adopt sustainable and successful beekeeping, so they can raise themselves out of poverty.

We send Resource Boxes free of charge to beekeeper trainers in developing countries.  The boxes include materials that can be used by local trainers and can also be used in promotional events to raise awareness of the importance of bees for livelihoods and the environment.

If you live in a developing country and wish to apply for a sponsored Resource Box click here

Boxes contain a selection from;

  • Bees for Development Journals - an excellent resource and important first contact for new beekeepers
  • Bees and Rural Livelihoods - a booklet explaining why beekeeping is such a great activity. English, Portuguese and Spanish editions available
  • Information Poster 1 - our famous Beekeeping Sustains Livelihoods: 10 good reasons why. Available in English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish and French.
  • Information Poster 2 - Pollination. Available in English, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • Beekeeping training modules for use during training courses in Africa: Value and life of the honey bee; Honey bee colony management; Harvesting and processing honey; Harvesting and processing beeswax; Choosing and making a bee hive
  • Training Cards - these are full colour training cards with clear images to show beekeeping skills and bee biology
  • A selection of other appropriate publications and media, subject to your location, and our funding resources
    Peter Kimaswa, Mbale, Uganda, uses picture cards provided in a Bees for Development Resource Box to teach trainees how to identify ripe honey.
    Peter Kimaswa, Mbale, Uganda, uses picture cards provided in a Bees for Development Resource Box to teach trainees how to identify ripe honey
  • Sponsorship forms to encourage individual participants to apply for a Bees for Development Journal sponsored subscription

To ensure Resource Boxes arrive in time, your request must reach us at least 12 weeks ahead of the meeting date, with an indication of the number of participants.

Organisations with some financial resources can order Resources Boxes from our website store. The standard charge is £50 for 25 participants inclusive of packing and postage.

The resources are available also as individual purchases from our website store

Please let us know when you have received your Resource Box and how your meeting went, by filling in our Resource Box Report form which is sent out with all Boxes.

Resource Boxes are provided with sponsorship from Bees for Development Trust

Many associations and organisations who have benefitted from receiving Resource Boxes have sent acknowledgement -  see below.

If you would like to sponsor a Resource Box for a group in a developing country click here.  We appreciate your support.

"Thank you very much I have received the resource box that I requested for the training, I would like   to say thank you very much for the assistance you have been giving us for so many years now and still we are getting your support which we really appreciate.  Well done Bees for Development for the good job you that you are doing for the beekeepers world wide.  I wish you good health and success in your work".
Musa Gibba, Secretary, Professional Beekeepers Association, The Gambia (30 November 2012)

"It is my pleasure and on behalf of Hope Foundation to say thank you so much for the information materials you sent to us. This was for the workshop event Opportunities of beekeeping in relation to unemployment amongst the youth in the community.  We appreciate your care for Hope Foundation and for supporting its programs. The documents are really good and we are looking forward to utilising them".
Ronald Obbo, Hope Foundation, Uganda September 2012

"On behalf of the Rural Institute of Apiculture I would like to offer our sincere thanks for the resource materials you have supplied.  We are working with a Tribal community to promote Non-Timber Forest Based Industries for Livelihoods Support under the North East Development Society.  Beekeeping is one of the major areas where we are taking initiative. We have a Honey Producers Association in Assam, Meghalaya, and Mizoram States. In each Association there are individuals and a self-help group, together totalling 37 beekeepers."
Lutfor Abraham, Director - RIA BRIGLE, Guwahati City, Assam State, India August 2012

"In our unswerving efforts to promote sustainable development through beekeeping, Bees Extension Education Services collaborated with New Life for All Nations Church to organise a two-day training workshop in January 2012 with resource materials provided by  BfD Trust.  As a result there are 15 new beekeepers at the demonstration bee farm in Ibeku which has 30 top-bar hives:  19 of the hives were colonised by the end of March 2012.  Such positive reports are leading more people to venture into beekeeping.  Further training was delivered in May so that novice beekeepers can have their hives colonised before the next nectar flow, to enjoy their first honey harvest!  Many thanks to BfD for your continuous support".
Asade Elijah, BEES,  Bees Extension Education Services, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria August 2012

"Thanks for the resource materials for beekeeping I received. I conducted beekeeping training for rural farmers in Sokoto state for three communities on the 7th of January, I am glad to inform you that bees have occupied the hives at the three villages.   The additional resource materials will be very useful for my beekeeping programme."
Rabi Ibrahim, Nigeria January 2012

"We are very happy to inform you that the material that you sent for our meeting in March arrived for us on January 12, 2012. We thank you very sincerely.  The content of our resource box is very interesting. At  the end of the meeting, we are going to send you a report and  photos of that event.     We thank you for your support to the development of apiculture in our region."
John Kakule Musubao, CEPANKI, DR Congo January 2012

"I received today the educational material I applied for. The package arrived safely.  Am saying thank you to BfD as the package contents will assist in setting up a mini library for the Society while also aiding the teaching of beekeeping and developing the knowledge of beekeepers."
Babatunde Adenola, Nigeria January 2012

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Lebialem Hunters' Beekeeping Initiative, Bechati, Cameroon