International Projects

In partnership with beekeeping groups and community organisations we work hard to address the specific challenges they face, particularly to  build sustainable livelihoods, to enable good and fair trade, and to conserve bees.


Conserving forests and reducing poverty at the same time. This project is about enhancing the capacity of beekeepers in northern Cameroon to sell their forest honey, giving them an incentive to protect the forests - the home of the bees, and the source of their income.


We have been working with partners in Uganda to strengthen supply chains for honey, making it possible for more small-scale beekeepers access better market opportunities. More information about our work in Uganda.



In Kyrgyzstan we are working to improve public understanding of the importance of honey bees and their pollination services, train young herders in beekeeping to strengthen their livelihoods, and establish social and legal rights for beekeepers. More information about this two year Darwin Initiative project is available here


Here the focus is on enabling beekeepers on the islands of Pemba and Unguja to harvest more honey so they can take advantage of the excellent local demand for Zanzibar honey. See Zanzibar page