Apiculture Centre of Excellence, Ethiopia

The Centre offers advice and training about apiculture best practice, resource management and beekeeping as a business in one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia. The Centre is established as a local Ethiopian charity named Bees for Development Ethiopia

This development is the outcome of a partnership between Trade Advance Ltd, a UK social entrepreneur who is committing funds, Mr. Tilahun Gebey, an Ethiopia apiculture and development specialist, and Bees for Development.

Despite the significance of the beekeeping sector in Ethiopia which is one of Africa's largest producers, beekeepers face many challenges. In a recent survey undertaken in Amhara, beekeepers ranked their two priority problems as shortage of bee forage and pesticide poisoning. Farmers also face barriers to understanding and meeting requirements for quality, quantity and consistency of supply of honey - making it hard for them to take advantage of new market opportunities.

Current work includes:-

  • Tree seedling nursery established for bee-friendly trees
  • Training local communities skills in making top-bar hives from local materials
  • Building skills of government development agents in apiculture
  • Supporting Farmer Training Centres to develop expertise in beekeeping
  • Spearheading a local multi-partner initiative to address the impact of pesticides on honey bees

Image above: Shide Gete with new honey comb on top-bars, a result of training by Bees for Development Ethiopia

Project Supporters:

  This project is sponsored by Trade Advance Ltd.  


 We also thank The Funding Network for supporting this Project in 2014.



We thank the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust for supporting this project in 2014.



 We wish to thank The Marr-Munning Trust for their support from 2012.