Frequently asked questions

1. Will BfD fund my project? 

No. Bees for Development is not a funding organisation and is unable to help you financially.  However if you visit on our website, you will find advice on finding funding from other sources and about writing project proposals.

2. If not with funding, how can BfD help my group?

There are three main ways.
-Bees for Development Journal
-Resource Box of publications and training materials
-Information on beekeeping available for free in our website Information Portal

See below for details on accessing these resources.

If you cannot find the information you need from our website we are sometimes able to answer specific one-to-one questions, but we are a small organisation with limited capacity to answer individual emails.

3. How can I receive BfD Journal?

If you are a beekeeper in a developing country you can apply to receive a free subscription to Bees for Development Journal. Free subscriptions are only possible because we receive sponsorship from generous supporters and the information you provide helps us to do this.
You need to follow this link and complete the form
If you are not from a developing country and can afford to pay for a subscription, the cost of £26 for four issues a year.
This is the link

4. How can I receive a Resource Box of publications and training materials?

You need to apply by filling in the form on our website. Read this page and follow the link.

5. How can I find beekeeping information on Bees for Development website

Go to our Information Portal. You will find beekeeping information on a wide range of topics, plus a large number of articles.
If you find a reference to an article which you cannot access on the website then you may be able to contact the original publisher or author to obtain the article.

6.  Can BfD provide me with beekeeping equipment?

No. Bees for Development does not provide beekeeping equipment.

7. I want to attend a training course - can BfD help?

Bees for Development runs training courses in the UK.
The information about these courses can be found here

In developing countries we encourage local groups to develop their own expertise for transferring skills to others and we do this through by providing Resource boxes containing educational materials.
See FAQ No4.

Training courses and events run by Bees for Development and other organisations are found on the events page of our website
You may also contact organisations in your region to enquire about local training courses.

8. What do I need to do to be able to export my honey to Europe?

In order to export honey to the EU, a number of requirements must be met, and details of these are given on the Bees for Development website.

9. How do I submit an article to BfD Journal?

Bees for Development is always interested in stories from beekeepers from around the world.  If you would like your article to be considered, fill out the form on our website.

10. How can I join an online discussion forum for beekeepers?

We recommend that you join TECA beekeeping exchange group. This is the link

11. I would like to work on a beekeeping project in a developing country - any advice?

Please read our tips - Click here