Forest conservation through beekeeping in north west Cameroon

Help alleviate poverty in by supporting our Bees for Development charity campaign. 

Working with our local partner, Apiculture and Nature Conservation Organisation (ANCO) we are supporting the Nkor community to develop sustainable beekeeping as a forest-friendly addition to their livelihoods.

The overall objective of this aid is to build a strong financial incentive for local people to conserve forests and to increase incomes for the forest communities.

With support from the forest conservation campaign Size of Wales we are:

  • training women and men in low-cost, profitable beekeeping
  • establishing tree nurseries
  • making firebreaks to protect forest-located apiaries and nearby forest

  New hive being taken to location

Project Update

The trainee-beekeepers have made 305 beehives and located them in the village forest area. Training comprises a formal training event followed by monitoring and follow-up visits. These visits enable beekeepers to share their problems and receive advice. Some beekeepers did not construct strong enough hive stands and as the colonies began to store honey some stands collapsed! This problem was corrected.

By July 2014 colonisation of the hives through natural swarming had reached 60%. The Project also helped the local community protect their village forest area through making firebreaks and to raise and plant 5000 indigenous tree species.

The Project leader said "I am most impressed by the dedication shown by the women trainees. They work harder than the men".

Click here to see video footage of the project, and how it is helping people.

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