The following publications are those which are published by Bees for Development and are currently in print and available.


Published with sponsorship from Anglo American plc.
Contact us to request your free copy (beekeepers and projects in developing countries only).

In English, Mandarin, Portuguese or Spanish language editions.

10 Good Reasons Beekeeping Sustains Livelihoods

Information Poster No 1. A2 size.

Bees for Development's philosophy on one page.

Text and full colour pictures depicting excellent reasons for beekeeping.

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Information Poster No 2. A2 size.

The importance of pollination is often overlooked or understated.

This Poster aims to put the record straight.

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 Strengthening livelihoods: exploring the role of beekeeping in development

A look at apiculture as an important occupation and part of rural life worldwide.

Chapters are written by beekeeping development practitioners, development experts, and social scientists.

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 First West African Bee Research Seminar

Written texts of the papers presented at the First Seminar held in The Gambia in 1991.

Papers reveal the difficulties in handling Apis mellifera adansonii (the honey bee indigenous to West Africa).

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 Market access for beekeepers

This Guide explains the importance of creating direct links between beekeepers and buyers and how this can be achieved.

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 Information for honey packers

This booklet is for any person, company or beekeeping group currently packing honey for wholesale or retail sale, or interested to start a honey packing business.

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 Beekeeping training modules

A set of five Beekeeping Training Modules for use by beekeeper trainers in Africa.

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