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 Issue 112 September 2014



Good beekeeping practice -The setting has to be perfect

Combination beekeeping -A  solution to the problem

Rethinking development in East Africa

Processing - Soft set honey

Women in beekeeping - success and prosperity

Beekeeping Q & A


 Issue 111 June 2014



Good beekeeping practice - Swarming impulse and reproduction

Interview with Rahi Honey

Practical beekeeping - Smokers

 Issue 110 March 2014



Good beekeeping practice - How to foster self healing

Interview - Gladness Mkamba

Beekeeping Q & A

Is the Varroa problem a homemade issue?

Recent research - Managed honey bees linked to new diseases in wild bumblebees

Beekeeping economics III - Making a profit as a community based producer organisation - can you sell to a packer?

 Issue 109 December 2013



Good beekeeping practice - Comb hygiene

Pasture use for beekeepers in Kyrgyz Republic

Interview - Tecla David

Zoom in on Mozambique

Japenese techniques in Mongolia

Beekeeping Economics II - Making a profit as a community based producer organisation

Trees Bees use - Securidaca longepedunculata

 Issue 108 September 2013




Good beekeeping practice - Hygiene in bee colony management

Sustainable beekeeping in Africa

Using comb strips to produce straight top bar combs

Warre people's hive

Beekeeping economics in Uganda

South East Asia beekeeping project





 Issue 107 June 2013


Good beekeeping practice - Knowledge in a nutshell

Economics - Woodland beekeeping in Zambia

The honey industry in South Africa / Celebrated bee tree killed

Foundation strips for straight combs in top bar hives

More on Warre

Recent research



Issue 106 March 2013




Practical beekeeping - Foundation

Forest conservers

Trees bees use - Parkia Biglobosa

Bees for prosperity / Seed freedom

Profitabilty, productivity and sustainability in beekeeping

Response to Warre experience in Africa

Response to Latin America's pathe to sustainable beekeeping

Smoking Hives

Pesticides kill bees in Ethiopia

Recent research

Notice board

News around the world

Look and learn ahead


 Issue 105 December 2012






Latin America's path to sustainable beekeeping

11th AAA Conference

Apitrade Africa / Trees Bees Use Schefflera volkensii

News around the World

Warré experience in Africa

Repercussions in Chile from EU judgment on honey concerning genetically modified pollen

Urban beekeeping in Bahir Dar 

Recent research - Honey bees bite! 

Clearer rules on pollen in honey

Bees helping people - a humanitarian beekeeping project in Slovenia


Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board


Issue 104 September 2012




Waterproof papier mache hive 

Forest hero

EU GM policy may damage  honey trade from developing countries

Calling African beekeepers 

Update on BfDJ 103 - fungicide residues bankrupt beekeepers in Vietnam

Trees Bees Use Becium grandiflorum

Zanzibar beekeeping project

News around the world

AAA News / Letter - nicotine in honey

Look & Learn Ahead

Notice Board



Issue 103 June 2012



Extensive beekeeping

Fungicide residues bankrupt beekeepers

Asian Apicultural Association News

Notice Board

Projects underway at BfD

Letters - baiting hives

News around the World

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board



Issue 102 March 2012



Importance of stingless bees in El Salvador

Stake holders share hive technology experiences

Recent Research - Bees mimic human brain neurones in decision making


Trees Bees Use -  Bombax costatum

Marketing strategy for honey in Ethiopia / 40 nations eligible for honey import to EU

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board




 Issue 101 December 2011


Practical beekeeping - A simple method for feeding honey bees

Beekeeping for poverty reduction and biodiversity conservation

Bee researcher nets green prize

Apimondia in Argentina


News around the World

Trees Bees Use - Heliotropium foertherianium

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board


 Issue 100 September 2011

iBfdj 100





Practical beekeeping - Adding value to bee products in Tanzania

Crucial value of pollinators 

Creation of a bee sanctuary

Beekeeping livelihoods in the Himalayas / Increase in EU support for beekeeping 

Caribbean Congress in Grenada / Inspirational poem by Deslyn Richards 

Stingless bees in Ghana

News around the World

Letter - a response to Varroa in tropical Africa

AAA move   

Trees Bees Use - Sweet Tamarind

Look and Learn Ahead




Issue 99 June 2011

BfDJ 99 cover






Practical beekeeping - how to make a bee evacuator

Access to finance for rural honey trade

Appropriate training for beekeepers

Profitability of Apis mellifera in Vietnam

Caribbean Update

News around the World

Apitrade Africa

Look Ahead/Learn Ahead

Notice Board




Issue 98 March 2011

BfDJ 98 cover





Practical beekeeping - dividing honey bee colonies in Ethiopia

Making local style beekeeping sustainable in Sierra Leone

Trees Bees Use - Haematoxylum Campechianum

Vietnam: Beekeeping development and honey marketing

South Korea hosts AAA conference - 10th

ApiTrade Africa

News around the World / Recent Research - Self-destruct Varroa

Letters / Call to ban pesticides

Look Ahead/Learn Ahead

Notice Board



Issue 97 December 2010






Africa-Wales Honey and Beeswax Trade Project

Look Ahead, Learn Ahead

Weighing Top Bar Hives

Recent research - landing lights for bumblebees

Organic beekeeping - a response

International Honey Commission

Macedonia and Moldova meet EU criteria

Illegal honey practice

News around the World

Recent research - wild bee conservation



Notice Board


Issue 96 September 2010






Bee-friendly beekeeping part 2

Organic beekeeping - a discussion

Combs across top-bars or frames - a problem for you?

Understanding the HACCP

News around the World

Look Ahead, Learn Ahead

Notice Board




Issue 95 June 2010





Sustainable Bee-friendly beekeeping part 1

The importance of honey production for livelihoods / White honey grows scarce

Local style and top-bar hives in Uganda / Learn Ahead

Caribbean round-up - Haiti / Jamaica

News around the World


Notice board


Look Ahead

New resources


Issue 94 March 2010





Harvesting honey from a log hive

Notice Board

Honey and Coffee - An interview with Bernard Kaunda

Trees bees use - Polyscias fulva

Profitable beekeeping with Apis cerana

News around the World



Look ahead, learn ahead


Issue 93 December 2009





Bees and red light

Head protection for beekeepers

Notice Board

Bee hives for honey production

Letter - materials for top-bar hives

Making a top-bar hive

The bee tree of Sahyadri / Remembering - Pak Teh Lebah and Bill Jones

News around the World


Look Ahead, Learn Ahead



Issue 92 September 2009





Newly recorded parasitic fly of honey bees in Sabah, Malaysia

Letter - controlling American foulbrood without antibiotics / Fao rome 1% for Development Fund

Plagued by ticks? Or Varroa mites? / Improved top-bars

Stingless bees as bioindicators in Brazil

An all-American honey bee

Trees bees use - Moringa oleifera

Look Ahead, Learn Ahead

Notice board



Issue 91 June 2009







In response to modern hives or modern ideas

Controlling American foulbrood without antibiotics

American foulbrood in sub-Saharan Africa

USA surveys honey bee losses

Boosting cashew production in Ghana

Apitrade Africa launches new initiative

News around the World

Look Ahead, Learn Ahead

Notice Board




Issue 90 March 2009






Modern hives or modern ideas? 

Trees bees use - Kotschya recurvifolia

New pollinator project

Apitrade Africa looks forward

Volcano chaos

Does beekeeping enhance rural household income in Botswana?

Pine honeydew honey in Turkey



Issue 89 December 2008


Practical beekeeping - quality honey from affordable local-style hives

Honey - a product of value in southern Sudan

Uganda president launches African honey trade network

5th Caribbean beekeeping congress

Slow food - Terra Madre

9th AAA conference

Varroa problems

EU votes to save bee populations



Issue 88 September 2008



Practical Beekeeping - Honey local tests and therapies

Beekeeping for income generation in Tanzania

Germany suspends pesticide approvals

Recent Research - Apis mellifera Woyi-Gambella (AB) honey bees endemic to Ethiopia

Strengthening trade in honey in Uganda

News around the World


Inside information

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board

Online Information



Issue 87 June 2008



Apitrade Africa meets in Nairobi / Honey legislation

Nilgiri biosphere reserve

Honey hunting in the Nilgiri biosphere reserve / Work opens up in a different world

Nature conservation is a thread woven well through forest beekeeping

Toda beekeeping with Apis Cerana

Trees bees use - sweet tamarind

Honey tree in Cholanaickens

Marikodu - a typical village

Reducing the water content of Tropical Honey



Issue 86 March 2008




In praise of beeswax

Bee product diversification and value addition

The role of women, and indigenous knowledge in Ethiopian beekeeping

Increasing marketing opportunities in Ethiopia

Trees Bees Use - Chromolaena odorata

Zoom in on Liberia

Notice Board

News Around the World

Varroa in Nigeria

Look and Learn Ahead


Information service for developing countries



Issue 85 December 2007


Apimondia in Melbourne

Practical beekeeping - Body cream using beeswax

Vita Europe Research Award

Cabesi - A multi-faceted self-help project

Great bee ladies

Restoration of Apis Cerana Japonica

ApiTrade Africa

Caribbean congress in Guyana

Bees, biodiversity and forest livelihoods

Trees bees use - Fuchsia - A bee forage plant / BfD posters in Mandarin



Issue 84 September 2007



Bee death in the USA: is the honey bee in danger?

Uganda honey trade Project

Beekeeping, poverty alleviation and forest conservation in Imadiala, Madagascar

The Honey industry in Malawi / Beekeeping in Mzuzu

News around the World

Trees Bees Use - Caylusea abyssinica (Resedaceae)

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board





Issue 83 June 2007




Bob Malichi answers

Practical beekeeping: Bark Hives

Beekeeping development in Laos

Apitrade Africa meets in Arusha / Honey trade workshop proceedings

Threats to Malaysia's Bee Trees / More about Malaysian bees and bee trees

Stingless Bees in Kenya

BfD training

BfD safaris



Issue 82 March 2007



Practical beekeeping - Propolis

Propolis cleansing

Bee gentlemen

Bee products in Ethiopia

Carribean update

Trees bees use



Issue 81 December 2006



African Honey Trade Workshop

Nosema Ceranae

Zoom in on Bermuda

Beekeeping in Cabinda

BfD Trust News

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board

News around the World

A lifetime dedicated to apiculture


BfDT labels

BfD Safaris




Issue 80 September 2006




Practical beekeeping - Making wax starter strips for top-bars

The Birth of Itumbauzo Beekeepers' Association

Caucasian honey bee workshop

Caribbean update - Antigua and Barbuda, Jamaica

Apiculture and poverty alleviation in Cameroon part 2

News around the World

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board


New BfD web store

African Honey Trade Workshop



Issue 79 June 2006






In Defence of Cement

Varroa destroys Apis Mellifera

Honey flows upwards across China

Practical beekeeping - Top-bar tips

New online BfD brochure

EU honey legislations

Apiculture and poverty alleviation in Cameroon part 1

Darwin initiative award

AAA conference in Australia

Safari, Safari, Safari



Issue 78 March 2006




Trinidad & Tobago host fourth Caribbean Congress


Training in Malta

Practical beekeeping - Failing queens and laying workers

Chalk brood in Ethiopia

Practical beekeeping - swarms and pest tips

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board

News around the World




Issue 77 December 2005


Practical beekeeping - Eco-friendly handling of rock bees

Workshop report

Beekeeping and plantation agriculture - Alternative livelihoods for farmers

Trees bees use - Jimson Weed

Petrified honey?

Zoom in on Panama

Sweet Profits from Guatemala

Practical beekeeping: pollen substitutes and supplements



Issue 76 September 2005



Apimondia 2005

African Honey Workshop

Practical Beekeeping - Concrete hives in the Gambia

How a Bishop Became a Beekeeper

Beekeeping in the rainforest of Nicaragua

Beekeeping in Greenland

News around the World

The spread and control of American Foulbrood

Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board





Issue 75 June 2005


39th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress

Practical beekeeping - cement hives - an environmentally-friendly alternative to wooden boxes

Recent research - Waggle dance controversy resolved

Zooming back to Jordan

One hectare of land gives 1,000,000 Indian Rupees per annum

Migratory beekeeping in South India

Bees for Development Trust


Issue 74 March 2005




Practical Beekeeping - Top-Bar hives in Eastern Senegal

Asian Apicultural Association

Vietnam hosts International honey trade symposium

BfD Information Service / Apiculture photography contest

Apimondia 2005

News around the world

Save indigenous bees in Europe

News from Njiro


Issue 73 December 2004



Practical beekeeping - Transferring colonies of Apis cerana to frame hives

Apis Cerana in Laos

Look and Learn Ahead

Honey Trade Issues

Co-operatives Symposium

Spotlight on Ethiopia

A day in the life of Dinah Sweet

Project news from ICIMOD

Notice Board

News around the World



Issue 72 September 2004



Antibiotic occurs naturally in honey

Better beekeeping in top-bar hives - things that can go wrong

Top prize study tour

Apis Cerana in Yunnan Mountain Area


Varroa destructor in Botswana

Look and Learn ahead

Varroa and Apis Cerana in the Solomon Islands

Project news from ICIMOD

News around the World



Issue 71 June 2004



Silent spring in Northern Europe

7th AAA Conference


Notice Board

Zoom in on Syria

News from Namibia

Project news from ICIMOD

News from around the World


Look and learn ahead


Issue 70 March 2004



Better beekeeping in top-bar hives


Honey International Packers Association

International Pollinator Initiative

UK honeybees under fire

Beekeeping in Okuku

News around the World

Project News from ICIMOD


Look and Learn Ahead

Notice Board