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  Please Help Bees and People in Ethiopia

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Donate to Bees for Development and give people an income for years to come


How your donation helps

    • $15 Helps a youth group in Ethiopia raise trees to provide nectar for their bees
    • $25 Pays for a new beekeeper to attend a training course on hive making
    • $100 Provides the resources for a trainer to do their job
    • $300 Supports one person for the two years it takes to become a sucessful and profitable beekeeper
    • $500 Helps a community access equipment and resources needed to increase honey yields
    • $1,000 Helps train a whole community on the importance of correct pesticide application and its implication for bee colonies.


American Fund for Charities will issue the receipt you require for income tax purposes. From their site please select Bees for Development Trust from the list of evaluated charities.

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Your donation will help us train beekeepers in Ethiopia

and create a sustainable income for families and communities  

We have established a beekeeping centre in Amhara, Ethiopia. We train chronically poor people to create an income from beekeeping. So far the centre has been a huge success - raising annual incomes by an average of 42% in its first year - just through helping people produce and sell honey. We need your support to enable us to continue this work - we are changing peoples' lives by enabling them to buy food and medicines for their families.

Why is this work needed?

43% of families in Amhara are chronically poor. Most earn little more than $290 in an entire year. Generations of Ethiopians are trapped in poverty. 

Beekeeping works for them because it is cheap, sustainable and does not use cultivated land or expensive resources. Bees feed themselves from flowering plants and can be kept almost anywhere, even where other forms of agriculture are almost impossible.

How does our project solve this problem?

We give participants the means and skills to produce an average of 70kg of honey per year. This will sell for $130. Our solution combines beekeeping training and business advice on how to access the best markets. On average it costs us $300 to support one person during the two years it takes to become a successful profitable beekeeper.

Potential long term impact of this project

The skills they learn in this time are the first step in escaping poverty. Local culture is to share skills with friends and family, so the work we do reaches the wider community. BfD's sustainable approach helps to ensure healthy bee populations that yield more honey for sale and pollinate crops for food.

Please help if you can.