Bees for Development Journal

Bees for Development Journal is our quarterly magazine with readers in over 130 countries. It is a valuable source of information about apiculture worldwide, providing unique news and views.

The Journal includes practical advice on beekeeping and management te>chniques, future events (including training programmes) and reports from beekeeping projects and associations worldwide. It provides an avenue into the beekeeping network which is important for information exchange and making new contacts.

For example, in the June 2013 issue (20 pages) the contents include:-

  • Practical Beekeeping - good beekeeping practice
  • Beekeeping Economics
  • Honey Industry in South Africa
  • Death of the Bee Tree
  • EU Honey Directive
  • Practical Beekeeping - straight combs in top-bar hives
  • More on Warre's People's Hive
  • Recent Research
  • Bookshelf
  • Look and Learn Ahead
  • Notice Board


Past issues

BfDJ is currently published in English with four editions each year.

Resource Boxes

Beekeepers need skills and knowledge to adopt sustainable and successful beekeeping, so they can raise themselves out of poverty.

To reach as many people as possible and to enable local people to transfer these skills, we send Resource Boxes free of charge to recipients in developing countries.  The boxes include materials that can be used by local trainers and can also be used in promotional events to raise awareness of the importance of bees for livelihoods and the environment.

Read more: Resource Boxes

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