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Stingless bees in Guyana

  • Bee species & races
  • Rajkumar A
  • 2007
  • Article In Bfd Journal
  • English
  • Bees for Development 82 9 Text on this website

Stingless bees in Guyana Ahnand RajkumarThere are several species of indigenous bees in the interior forested areas of Guyana. They all have unique defences. One deposits a very sticky substance another secretes chemicals that give effects similar to burns another is gentle and flies around the face in large numbers and there is a biting one. Finally there is the ferocious 'Tar Honey' that builds a solidly constructed round nest high in forest canopy. They find their way under the best of protection and imbed their mandibles at the hair roots and would make the best of operators take to their heels. The gentlest of all is the tiny bee nesting in the middle of termite Nasutermites sp nests. This species of stingless bee is common along the Atlantic coast of Guyana and nests in the hollows of trees houses and even old machinery. Other stingless bee species are present in the interior area of the country. Stingless bees in Guyana. Honey per cup ranges between 3-8 ml. After filing the cups are sealed likewise the pollen cells

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