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Organising beekeeping training provision

Beekeeping training is frequently put in place as part of setting up a beekeeping project. It is a frequent part of funding bids as funding training is popular with donors. Whatever the reason for setting up a training course, it is important that the training is excellent if beekeeping is to make an impact on the development objectives of the organisation providing the training. Training organisers are not always qualified beekeepers or qualified teachers so it is important that course organisers understand the requirements needed to set up an effective course. 

Training organisers should ask some key questions:

About the course

  1. What identified need is it filling?
  2. Do the planned learning outcomes fit into the development objectives of the organisation?
  3. Have assessment methods are planned and are they included in the programme?
  4. Is a team evaluation and reflection session planned afterwards to identify areas for improvement?

About the participants

  1. Who is the training for (what is the target group)?
  2. How will participants be selected?
  3. How will they be informed about attending and has enough time been allowed for them to make the arrangements they need to make?
  4. How will the participants get to the course?
  5. Where will they stay; what will they eat?

About the location and timing of the course

  1. Will it be based in a village or a training centre?
  2. How long will the course be?
  3. Can the course be divided so it can be offered as short training modules locally to reduce or eliminate participant subsistence costs?
  4. Is the timing of the course suitable for the teaching materials of the participants?

About the resources needed for the course

  1. Is the funding in place for the course?
  2. What resources are needed and who is providing them?
  3. Are the training facilities sufficient for the level of course offered?
  4. Are there enough occupied hives for practical demonstrations?
  5. Can the required training resources be made available?
  6. What subsistence costs are involved in the course?
  7. Will later extension or mentoring visits be needed to follow up learning objectives

About the trainer

  1. Is the trainer suitably qualified?
  2. Can the trainer handle the bees safely?
  3. Do they have sufficient theoretical knowledge to answer questions fully?
  4. Can they create a good learning environment that creates confidence in the students?


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