The 8th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress 2016

The Association of Caribbean Beekeepers' Organisations and the Tobago Apicultural Society are pleased to announce the staging of the 8th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress 12-16 September 2016, Crown Point, Tobago.


The 8th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress
Rovanel's Resort, Crown Point, Tobago
12-16 September 2016

Pre-congress Queen Rearing Workshop
Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute, Mt. St. George, Tobago
8-10 September 2016

Post Congress Africanised Bee Tour of Trinidad
17-18 September 2016

Registration and booking details coming shortly.


The 6th Caribbean Beekeeping Congress 2012

The papers presented at the 6th CBC can be accessed here.

1. AHB in Florida and Caribbean by Putnam and Gaskall

2. Antigua and Barbuda Beekeepers' Cooperative Society by Alistair Jacob

3. Association of Caribbean Beekeeping Organisations by Gladstone Solomon

4. Beekeeping in Grenada

5. Beekeeping in Trinidad M Hallim

6. CDE Consultancy by Clive de Bruyn