Support People and Bees in Ethiopia

Since 2012 our Beekeeping Centre in Ethiopia has trained 390 women and men to help them keep bees as a family business. We are now raising funds to expand this work.

Help alleviate poverty in Ethiopia by supporting our charity campaign. 

When families don't earn enough their children are sent out to work instead of to school. Please donate what you can to help us reach more people and to keep children in school - through beekeeping.

In 2015 we aim to train 150 families and 4 youth groups in beekeeping. We will introduce beekeeping skills to the poorest families who have little land. The bees will feed on flowers growing on other people's land!


Newly trained beekeepers enjoyed an excellent honey harvest in December. The market for honey and beeswax is growing in Ethiopia and selling is profitable. A little is saved a tasty treat for the family.


 Thank you for helping People and Bees in Ethiopia.

How your donation helps

£5 helps a youth group in Ethiopia to raise trees to provide nectar and pollen for their bees

£20 pays for a new beekeeper to attend a training course on hive-making

£50 pays for the resources for a trainer to do their job

£200 supports one person during the two years it takes to become a successful and profitable beekeeper

£350 helps a community to access equipment and resources needed to increase honey yields



Images by Bees for Development Ethiopia 2014