Bee Friendly Monmouthshire

Monmouthshire has recently become a bee friendly county, by allowing verges to grow for longer, and planting flower beds. View Proposed Hedegrow Manifesto

The flower beds that were planted in early 2014 are not only bee friendly, also provide a beautiful visual display for both residents and tourists, enhancing the already stunning Monmouthshire landscape. The distinctive bee friendly logo can be found next to the beds, reminding onlookers of the core purpose of the campaign.

Bees for Development played a large part in the growth of Bee Friendly Monmouthshire, helping to raise awareness of the declining bee population within the UK.


Bee Friendly Monmouthshire aims to:

  • Ensure that Monmouthshire is pollinator friendly by supporting the population and range of indigenous insect pollinators.
  • Encourage the provision of safe and sufficient habitat to maintain and increase healthy populations and indigenous pollinating insects.
  • Engage, influence and support the Welsh Government, key agencies, organisations, local and national authorities, councils, land owners, businesses, schools, communities and individuals to support these aims.
  • Raise public awareness of the importance of pollinating insects and the need for their protection. 


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