Bees and Trees in Mbale, Uganda

People living near Mt. Elgon suffer from soil erosion and fatal landslides. We are working with the Mbale Coalition Against Poverty to change the way land is managed, through beekeeping.

Please support this charity aid project and help alleviate poverty in Uganda.

We are helping to train farmers to make their own low-cost beehives and set up profitable homestead apiaries which can be integrated into forest plots. The Mount Elgon region experiences high poverty density and households need additional household income to meet families' needs. Beekeeping is environmentally friendly and can be fully integrated into farmers' existing small plots of banana, coffee and fruit tree crops - and can reduce the need to clear more land for farming, so reduce soil erosion.

Stephen Walimbe explains, "I was taught how to make beehives from local materials by Mbale Coalition Against Poverty. Honey bees occupied the beehives by themselves - they cost me nothing. The bees feed on my trees and give me honey. I have invested little and gaining much. Now my neighbours want to copy me. I will now plant more trees. Trees give me honey today and timber in the future."

Stephen Walimbwe




We thank the Welsh Government for their support.