What we do with your money

With your help we are providing training, information and advice to people in 122 different countries, helping them meet their basics needs through beekeeping.

£50 trains a community in low-cost beekeeping that will provide their families with food and income for years to come

£26 gives an isolated beekeeper a sense of community with a year's subscription to Bees for Development Journal

£5 helps a youth group in Ethiopia to raise trees to provide nectar for their bees

Letters of thanks

"I wish to wholeheartedly thank BfD for the great role they are playing in educating people about bees. I visited the Kenya National Beekeeping Station today and was so happy to read the article in BfD Journal 103 that I posted some time back. I live far from the city and since my old laptop broke down, I have not been able to keep up over the internet. I will be so happy to receive a copy of the same through my postal address. As a small-scale bee farmer we are at a disadvantage of getting the right information on time. I have been conducting small workshops in many regions of Kenya and Tanzania, mostly on a voluntary basis. I am also thankful to the Kenya National Beekeeping Unit for the training they gave me and offer to other farmers."
Samuel Okumba Bananah, Nairobi, Kenya, September 2012

"Thanks for the sponsored subscription to BfDJ.  This is most informative for the students of Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus where this year we started a Flori-Horticulture Management degree course. Beekeeping and floriculture are inter-related on the course".
Dr Nrishima Kumar Khatri, Mahendra Ratna Multiple Campus, Ilam, Nepal, September 2012

“You have been so amazing in your untiring system of giving materials to us. I and my colleagues want to say big thanks to BfD once again for your assistance with training modules. I just finished another seminar on 9 December, and it was glorious. Some copies of the Journal were distributed for people. We hope to receive more from you next year - search your database and find our name".
Akande Ayoade, Nigeria, January 2011


 "I would like to thank you very much for your great support, by providing essential up to date information of beekeeping It has helped us greatly to upgrade our knowledge and skill of honey-bee management. The Journals are our permanent references. I have shared my information (knowledge) for 65 beekeepers at different levels. I hope it will continue. I want to work especially in relation with bee forage activities. Thank you very much."
Abebaw Bekele, Ethiopia, December 2010

"We are very thankful for the Journals. It has improved our knowledge on beekeeping as a business, an income generating activity and as an environmental conservation. The content has tremendously encourage some of our members who didn't like beekeeping and now, after reading the Journals they have taken it up seriously."
Robert Okodia, Adyaka Rural Youth Development Initiative Uganda, January 2011

"I acknowledge the receipt of resources for courses from Bees and Development. The materials will be used to train 5 new beekeeping groups for now until others are identified. On behalf of myself and the benefiting groups, I wish to thank Bees for Development for the donation of teaching materials."
Stephen Kagio, Kenya Sep 2010

"Over 300 people read the Journal. I have photocopied it to give to many rural beekeepers. We held a workshop on hive making with agriculture extension officers at Chabwira Secondary School. I have now engaged Midlands State University who are ready to start a project that will benefit most students and the rural community in Zimbabwe. We have a problem of getting in touch with international markets. Please help us with contacts for market in Europe so that we can send our samples of honey and propolis for marketing purposes… we cannot raise enough money to buy literature like books but we are glad Bees for Development Journal is helping us. I have also opened a library in Mberengwa where beekeepers borrow the Journals for reading. I definitely wish to continue to receive the Journal as it is now the source of information for Midlands State University Beekeeping programme and Mberengwa District of the Midlands Province! I thank you for your assistance! May God continue to bless you."
Jonathan Msekiwa, Mberengwa Beekeepers Association, Zimbabwe, 2010