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(Source: Kwame) 
Masanga, Sierra Leone



Tamba, had an amazing story to tell of his life. He had been healed at Masanga Hospital of an ulcer some years back and now works full time in the same hospital as a Wound Dressing Specialist. As a young man, Tamba helped his father on the farm until the civil war broke out. One day as they worked on the farm, they were suddenly attacked by the rebels and his father was killed. He managed to escape into the forest where he spent the night in an abandoned hut. Unfortunately for him there was this huge black cobra which bit him on the right ankle. He laid down helplessly and could not move; his whole body swelling and numb.

He was rescued by some village members who took him home to receive first aid from government soldiers who had arrived at their village in pursuit of the rebels. He was then air lifted by military helicopter to Freetown Government Hospital for further treatment.  The snake bite had developed into an ulcer which refused to heal. After his discharge from the hospital,
Tamba tried several medications prescribed by doctors, herbalists and others but with no positive results. He went back to his village to see if he could find treatment from herbalists. He was then advised to visit Masanga Hospital which was at that time known for effective treatment of wounds and leprosy patients.

He went back to work in Freetown for a while to find the money needed to pay for his treatment in
Masanga. On arrival the doctors dressed his ulcer with honey only and within two weeks his ulcer was healed and was subsequently prepared for skin grafting. This was successfully performed and just as he was going to be discharged, Ebola broke out in Sierra Leone necessitating a government quarantine order for months in the hospital. Tamba used his time helping out at the wound clinic, working so hard to the admiration of the doctors. He was subsequently trained to dress wounds and later employed full time in the hospital as a wound dressing specialist. He is very happy and passionate with his work and especially the use of honey for dressing wounds. He participated in the beekeeping training workshop and promised to become a good beekeeper to produce top quality honey for his clinic. 

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